PMI Properties offers world-class management services

PMI Properties offers world-class management services
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Looking for a team of experts to help you with your property management needs?

  • PMI can help free-up your time and reduce your stress!
  • Property Owners, Investors and Association Residents usually want to avoid the day-to-day operations, collections, maintenance calls, scheduling contractors, follow-ups and other common “headaches” of property management.
  • Regardless of the type real estate (residential, commercial, association) it takes a lot of time, experience and dedication to run a smooth real estate property, building or community.
  • Our management team handles tasks in a proactive and professional way, helping you when needed.
  • Well maintained properties retain and increase in value and keep owners, residents and tenants happy.



Association Services


  • PMI can custom design a solution around your association’s specific requirements and budget needs, no matter the size of your community.
  • Our main priority is to protect and enhance the financial and operational integrity of your association.
  • Effective communication between Board, Residents, Contractors and Management Company is critical to get things done. We use a combination of cutting-edge technologies and “old school” approach, depending on the circumstances.
  • You get the support and tools needed to run a smooth operation and help your association (HOA) achieve its goals.



Commercial Management


  • Commercial properties are unique in so many ways. You need professional management on a “business-to-business” level.
  • From marketing to lease negotiations, and from maintenance to financial reporting, PMI is proud to offer world-class services.
  • PMI Properties provides a team of local experts supported by a strong national network.



Residential Services


  • Preserving the value and cash flow of your real estate is the most important part of our services.
  • Our local PMI team offers premium residential property management services that fit your budget.
  • If you are looking for a professional company with the right expertise to address any possible issue that your investment property may face, we are the right fit!

Visit our website email or call us at (845) 397-7766 to setup a meeting and find out how PMI can help!