Leaky Condo?

Leaky Condo?
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Leaks and water damage in a condominium can stem from various sources: The water heater or bathtub overflowing in the upstairs unit. Maybe roof damage or a pipe that burst, or a variety of other reasons.

Depending on the source of the issue, different parties may need to get involved:

  • Affected Residents and Owners of the Units Upstairs & Downstairs
  • Contractors to help assess and fix the issue
  • Insurance Companies
  • Property Management Company
  • Condo Board
  • Attorneys

So, who ends up paying to fix this leak and damaged property??

This will depend on where the water is coming from, and what caused the leak.  A simple rule of thumb:  everything inside the ‘unit’ is the responsibility of the owner, and everything outside the unit or ‘common elements‘ the Association might be responsible. The board of managers and the property management team can help sort things out.

Either way, the situation needs to be addressed promptly to avoid further damage.

The answers to what is considered UNIT and what is considered COMMON ELEMENT is usually found in the Condo Documents: Declaration, CC&R’s, Bylaws, etc.

Who is responsible for what can be a little tricky some times. Working together in a professional and respectful way, and keeping the communication channels open, can help achieve results that are fair to all the parties involved.

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