Frozen Pipes Can Burst and Make a Big Mess!!

Frozen Pipes Can Burst and Make a Big Mess!!
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Here’s how to prevent it…

Cold temperatures can cause water pipes to freeze and burst … this can create serious flooding and damage. The best prevention against frozen pipes is to keep them above the freezing point.

Be sure to follow these 6 simple steps will prevent frozen pipes.

1) Allow the Faucet to Drip: A small drip will keep the water flowing on days when temperatures drop below 20 degrees.

2) Seal up Cracks and Holes: Seal gaps (with caulk or spray foam insulation) around holes where pipes run through walls or floors, especially where the hole is letting cold air in.

3) Apply Heating Tape and/or Insulation: Heating tape works like an electric blanket that keep the pipes warm enough to avoid freezing on extremely cold days. Foam or fiberglass sleeves can also decrease the chance of freezing.

4) Keep Cabinets Open: Keep under cabinet doors open so that the heat from the rest of the house can keep the pipes warm as well.

5) Empty Exterior Spigots: Close valves from inside the house and open the exterior spigots to empty the pipes and prevent the formation of ice inside of them.

6) Keep the Heat On: Set the thermostats at 50 F or higher.